Big Rig Outperforms Tiny Hybrid Prius

Big Rig Trucks may be the most powerful and fuel efficient vehicles on the road.  Without any modifications, semi-trucks may outperform other types of vehicles on a lbs.-moved-per-gallon-of-fuel-basis.  When it comes to moving trillions of tons of goods, cars cannot compete with big trucks.  Rather big trucks compete with the rail lines.  But trucks are certainly competing with one another.  Already some truckers are spending 10% to 20% less on fuel costs simply because they have added on an HHO generator kit.  In an industry where competitors are edged out by a single penny on the dollar, how can anyone compete against such fuel savings.

Big Rig Crashes May Be Reduced By Lower Fuel Costs

When fuel prices are lower, big rig crashes occur with less frequency.  Likewise when fuel prices rise, trucking accidents increase.  Too often the obvious factor of economic stress due to higher fuel costs is left out of trucking accident analysis.  However, if lower fuel costs lessen economic stress, and consequently reduce trucking accidents, then surely fuel saving devices may also reduce trucking accidents by lowering economic stress.

Big Rig Photos Prove Power And Green Energy Go Together

Thankfully, a photo referenced through proves the point of Big Rig Photos.  When it comes to crushing a Prius, perhaps only a tank can compete with a big rig in an environmentally friendly way.  In terms of lbs.-of-car-crushed-per-gallon-of-fuel-spent-doing-so, a Prius simply cannot compete with tractor trailer trucks, and even less so with a tank.

Tank Crushes Prius

Big Rig Photos

Thus, the question really is this: what vehicle performs a given task in the   greenest way.  Smart controllers smash the competition by controlling the smart of big trucks.  However, be forewarned, the PWM smart controller may only improve gas mileage for truckers if one is driving up a hill, or down a hill, passing other vehicles, or slowing down to let others pass, or when idling, or when hauling something, or when hauling nothing.  So if you plan on doing a lot of things other than the aforementioned while driving your truck, then you may not find very much fuel savings with the smart controller and would be better off with a constant current PWM.

  •              Big Rig Towing Games  

A further point that could be made here is that the Prius couldn’t even qualify for the big truck towing games due to its environmentally challenged status in such a feat.  For example, in a simple towing challenge where the entry was to tow a big rig, the Prius had already burned up three tanks of gas and not even towed the tractor trailer a single inch.  Whereas for the same amount of fuel, even the worst tractor trailer had travelled around 200 miles with tow.


Custom Big Rigs Show Trucks

Custom semi-truck show trucks may be seen at the annual Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.  Once it has been proven that big rigs are perhaps the most powerful example of environmental success even before there was a green movement in America, it becomes time to do some celebrating.


Operators of semi-trucks have been using constant current PWM controllers for many years now.  So the advent of a smart controller PWM has been long awaited.  These smart controllers are the first of their kind, and will not be available until November of 2014.   However a discount coupon is available for the purpose of pre-selling these units.  If you order yours today, you can take advantage of the discount.  But if you wait until November, you will not have the discount.